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  • What can Botox do for me? (28 April 2009)
    • I get a lot of questions from patients about Botox. Interestingly, despite the high name recognition there are a lot of misconceptions about Botox. Some patients worry that instead of getting a refreshing “lunchtime face-lift” they’ll leave looking hard and frozen. Worse still they worry all their friends will know they’ve had something done. Others are worried about the safety of using a “toxin” as a medicine. ... read more


  • Dermal Fillers for the treatment of Wrinkles - not just for Botox! (26 Nov 2008)
    • Fillers are the next step after Botox for non-surgical, facial rejuvenation. As we age we gradually lose volume in our faces – cheeks become hollow, lips shrink in size and turn downward, and skin becomes loose. Fillers do exactly what the name suggests – they fill up the skin where collagen is lost to restore youthful fullness to your looks ... read more





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