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Popular Celebrity features and how we (try to) get them
  • One of the big trends in non-invasive cosmetic medicine is the increasing numbers of younger patients wanting the “designer face”. Patients from 40 onwards generally want to look like themselves, only fresher, younger and healthier. While a typical request from a 28 year old patient is often something like: I want Angelina's lips for Christmas!


    Medium thickness, arched brows like Kylie's Eyebrows are perennial favourites. Sometimes such high arches are achievable only with a surgical brow-lift.

    To get a similar look, find a good brow waxer and visit her regularly! If you need more help, a little Botox to relax muscles that pull down the brows raises the brows and opens the eyes. Using some dermal fillers to replace the brow fat-pad and augment the brow bones complete the look nicely.


    A smooth, absolutely line-free forehead like Nicole's is a common request. Unfortunately erasing all the forehead lines also freezes the forehead, leading to the frozen, “botoxed” look.

    My Australian and Asian patients are horrified by the thought of looking frozen and giving away their secret, while many of my patients who moved here from the USA love the frozen look – “if I'm spending money on Botox, I want everyone to know it!” they say. For a beautiful forehead, half treating with Botox, allowing some expression and movement is the best approach. Less is definitely more.


    Thanks to Angelina Jolie, the Jessica's, and Scarlett Johansson, full, luscious lips are extremely popular at the moment. With lip enhancement, the temptation is always to go for more, more and more!

    Modern dermal fillers are safe and achieve great results. However, not everyone's lips are capable of being filled to colossal proportions. Over-filled lips become shapeless, swollen and painful looking – decidedly unattractive. For patients with naturally full lips, it is possible to go for the Angelina. Those of us with smallish lips can aim for more subtle enhancements focusing on shaping. Catherine Zeta Jones's upturned, shapely mouth is a good example of very attractive lips that aren't enormous.

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